Local Section Elections

Officers who are responsible for management of the Rochester Local Section are elected by the members of the Section each fall. Officer positions include; Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Councilor (2 positions), Alternate Councilor (2 positions) and Member-at-Large (6 positions). Councilor’s and Alternates have 3 year terms while all others are 2 year terms. The Officers make up the Executive Committee of the Local Section and can vote on business decisions made at monthly Executive Committee meetings. For detailed information on election rules, please familiarize your self with Bylaw VI.

In 2021, the following positions are up for election. Review Section 1 (pp9) of the Local Section Handbook for more details on the responsibilities of each role.

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Member-at-Large (3 positions)

Results of the 2020 Elections can be found here.

Important Dates

  • January 1 – Terms for elected Officers begin.
  • July 1 – The Section’s Committee on Nominations & Elections presents the Chair of the Section with list of nominees.
  • Second Monday of September – Deadline for nominees to be added to ballot by petition.
  • October 15 – Voting starts no later than this date and is open for 4 weeks.
  • December 1 – Deadline for election results to be certified with the Executive Director of the Society by the Local Section Secretary.

If you wish to run for an Officer position or have any questions about our elections, please fill out the contact form below.