Chemistry in Emerging Technologies

Chemistry, the “Central Science”, has played a critical role in the economic development of Rochester.

Rochester’s story in Chemistry began in the 1880s with George Eastman’s development of the camera and technology that made photography accessible to the general public. Since then, various companies involved in the chemical sciences have called Rochester home. The long history of successful development of innovative products continues today at established companies, universities, and area start-ups.

The Chemistry in Emerging Technologies Lecture Series highlights ongoing technological developments made in Rochester. Lectures are presented by leaders of Rochester area companies and universities, with an emphasis on small start-ups developing innovative new technologies and products with a significant chemical component.

Lectures are free and open to the general public. Students looking for insight into future career opportunities are encouraged to addend.

Lectures are usually held each year at Nazareth College in Peckham Hall. A reception and networking mixer is held in the Peckham Hall lobby following the lecture. Attendees will often have an opportunity to meet the speaker as well as other area industrial and academic scientists and entrepreneurs.

Parking on the Nazareth College Campus
(We recommend parking in Lot F across the street from Peckham Hall and adjacent to Smyth Hall.)