Chemistry Instructor Resources

This page contains videos and links to resources intended for K-12 science instructors. You will find a variety of topics from specifics from biology, physics, and chemistry as well as generic topics like density. Some links contain videos that can be incorporated into a lesson but there are also some links that provide already developed lesson plans.

Offer your own suggested resources below!

ACS Reactions YouTube Channel – from PBS and ACS, is a YouTube show that uncovers the hidden chemistry all around us. The site includes educational videos about various chemistry topics (usually related to real life – lots on COVID, food chemistry, and jokes.

Check out this student made video from Sarah Linsner (Hobart William Smith alum 2020, MAT ’21) on elephant toothpaste and redox reactions.

The Biophysical Society provides several video resources for Biophysics Week (March 22-26, 2021). Topics are typically biology related. Lesson plans include topics such as diffusion, elasticity, experimental error, fluorescence, aerosols & infections, force, viscosity, light microscopy, and solar & lunar eclipses.

National Chemistry week happens each year in October. In 2021, NCW is October 17 to the 23 and is all about reaction rates with the theme Fast or Slow… Chemistry Makes it Go! Find educational resources for and other materials for your event, including outreach activities, activities, articles, and videos. Resources are available for all ages from K through 12.

Celebrating Chemistry is designed to engage and educate children ages 9–12 (Grades 4–6) in the basic principles of chemistry.

The publication is available in both English and Spanish. Content is aligned with National Chemistry Week (NCW) or Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW) themes. Each issue contains themed articles, activities, and games.

The ACS offers a variety of other resources for Chemistry Educators and Faculty on their website. If you have another resource for educators that you think we should include here. Contact us by filling out the form below.