Harrison Howe Award

2019 Harrison Howe Award Winner - Chad Mirkin

Chad A. Mirkin

2019 Harrison Howe Awardee
Northwestern University of the International Institute of Nanotechnology

Harrison Estell Howe

The Harrison Howe Award was inaugurated in 1946 to honor one of the founders of the Rochester ACS Section. In addition to his role as a leader in the Rochester Section, Harrison Howe was the founding editor of Chemical and Engineering News and a fervent champion of industrial research and development. It was his belief that chemistry and the pursuit of chemical knowledge contribute to the betterment of society. The Harrison Howe Award is given to acknowledge and support this idea through recognition of an outstanding chemist.

A distinguishing feature of the Harrison Howe Award is that many of the recipients have been recognized in the early stages of their careers.

Linus Pauling was 44 years old as the first Harrison Howe Award recipient in 1946. Click here to read Pauling’s Inaugural Harrison Howe Lecture. A large portion of Harrison Howe Award winners have gone on to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The award consists of a plaque and honorarium. The recipient is invited to deliver a lecture at the Harrison Howe Award Symposium at the University of Rochester.

For more information on Harrison Howe, read his Biography.

The Award

The award will be granted to an individual without regard to nationality for outstanding contributions to research in chemistry defined in its broadest sense. The award typically recognizes a relatively young recipient with potential for further outstanding achievement.

Nomination Procedure

A nomination should include the following items submitted to the Award Chair.

  1. A synopsis of the accomplishments of the nominee
  2. A curriculum vitae of the candidate
  3. A maximum of five reprints
  4. A maximum of two (2) supporting letters, containing information about the candidate not provided in the other items of the nominating package

Winner must be able to attend the scheduled symposium and accept the award in Rochester, New York.


Donations are gratefully accepted for supporting the Harrison Howe Award Fund at any time. Contact the Award Chair for details. Thank you for your support.