2023 U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad

Dr. Alexey Ignatchenko at St. John Fisher University is chairing the 2023 U. S. National Chemistry Olympiad for the Rochester Section of the American Chemical Society.

High School Chemistry Teachers, please nominate your students that will participate in the local exam by sending their names and email addresses to Dr. Ignatchenko at  aignatchenko@sjfc.edu.

Critical dates are

February 7th, all Student names and email addresses need to be sent to Dr. Aignatchenko  at aignatchenko@sjfc.edu. You will receive all the information and timelines you need to register for the Olympiad.

March 12th, Sunday, 3pm – 4.50 pm:  Local exam for all nominated students will take place at St. John Fisher University.

March 31st, results of the local exam will be shared with each student. 10 students will be selected for the National exam based on the local exam results (observing the rule of no more than 2 students from each high school).

April 23rd, Sunday, 9-3 pm: National exam, at St. John Fisher University.

Everything that students need to know about exams can be found at U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad – American Chemical Society (acs.org)


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