2021 Rochester Virtual Collegiate Research Symposium

The Annual Rochester Collegiate Research Symposium sponsored by the Rochester Section of the American Chemical Society took place virtually on Saturday, April 24th from 9 AM-1:15 PM. The keynote speaker was Dr. Sam Pazicni, University of Wisconsin-Madison, who presented, “Graduate School Reality Check: Knowing When to Go and How to get there.” His talk was very informative and very current on what is happening in graduate schools today. He presented his information in a very organized way so that someone could use it as a starting guide for planning their future after college graduation. His presentation will be attached shortly for those who could not attend this event.

Following Dr. Pazicni, Posters and Formal Talks were presented by students from the Rochester area colleges and universities.

The Poster Winner was a tie so both posters were recognized. The winning posters were:
Modeling Membrane Fouling: Investigation of Buffers and Protein-Protein Interactions
Elizabeth Jacobia, Camryn Mulpagano, Sophie Shaw
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
CdSe/Au Hybrid Nanomaterial Reduction of Methyl Viologen
Paul Padgett
Geneseo State University of New York

The talk winner was:
Manganese Promoted Oxidative Radical Addition Reactions
Yeonseong Song, Shauna Paradine
University of Rochester

The research and academic achievements of senior undergraduate students from the Rochester area Colleges, Universities and Community Colleges were also recognized at this symposium.

Benjamin Butler
School: Nazareth College
Degree: B.S. Chemistry, mathematics minor
Niaya Jackson
School: Rochester Institute of Technology
Degree: B.S. Biochemistry
Zhenyu Lin
School: Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Degree: B.S. Chemistry
Paul L. Padgett
School: Geneseo State University of New York
Degree: B.S. Chemistry
Alfons Pineda-Knauseder
School: University of Rochester, Department of Chemistry
Degree: B.S. Chemistry
Jesula Sanon
School: The college at Brockport State University of New York
Degree: B.S. Biochemistry
Trevor Smith
School: St. John Fisher College
Degree: B.S. Chemistry, mathematics minor
Nicole Siwarski
School: Roberts Wesleyan College
Degree: B.S. Chemistry
Mark Volkin
School: University of Rochester, Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Degree: B.S. Chemical Engineering

A video link presenting the accomplishments of each award winner is below.


  • The schedule is difficult to puzzle through since the times don’t line up with the events.


    • Walter, thank you for your feedback.
      I have made some improvements to this post. Hopefully the readability has improved.
      If it continues to pose a challenge, please let us know what device you are viewing from and we will continue to work on solving the problem.
      Best regards.


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