“Better Together” Seminar – Thursday, March 11

The Rochester Section recently received a Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect grant from National ACS. On Thursday, March 11, at 6 PM, the Section will present its first “Better Together: Improving Diversity in the Rochester Section” seminar. The featured speaker will be Dr. Tommie Royster, Founder and CEO of R-Display & Lighting, a company that designs and develops advanced Organic Light Emitting Diode materials for the OLED device market. The title of Dr. Royster’s talk is “Career Opportunities in the Field of Chemistry: Journey of An Inorganic Chemist.”

This will be a free online Zoom event open to both ACS members and non-members. It is requested that attendees register in advance for the seminar.  An American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter will also be available during the presentation.


Zoom Meeting ID: 856 1708 5820
Password: DIR

Abstract: There are many rewarding career opportunities that one can pursue within the chemistry profession. Careers can be forged through academia, industry or as part of a government agency.  There are also growing opportunities working as an entrepreneur within the chemistry sector of small businesses.  Since chemistry plays a vital role in our everyday life, the opportunities to make a significant contribution to society through chemistry are vast. This includes contributions to health and medicine, the environment, entertainment, and the many materials we are accustomed to using daily that improve our quality of life.  Select examples of these careers will be provided as part the presentation.  However, a significant portion of the talk will focus on insights from a chemical research journey which started as a Ph.D. candidate at the State University of New York at Buffalo, culminating as an entrepreneurial research scientist at a local small business (R-Display & Lighting) located at Eastman Business Park.

A flyer for this event is available for download.

There will be three additional seminars in the Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect series are planned for later in 2021, so join us for all four!

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