Open YCC Meeting – February 4th

For 2020, the Rochester Section Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) is focusing on increasing our membership and making people aware of what YCC can offer the community. We are inviting ANY and ALL students from the Rochester area to our next YCC executive committee meeting on February 4th at 7PM. We will be available both digitally as well as in-person at UR, RIT, and Nazareth. If you are interested in participating, please contact Brittney Petel ( by Monday, February 3rd to let us know. Please provide her with an email address if you are going to attend digitally or let her know if you are planning on coming in-person to UR, RIT, or Nazareth.

The objective of this meeting is to allow access to our board and to get a glimpse into how we work. With our goal of increasing awareness and membership, we are hopeful that attendees will be interested in joining our board as a result of this meeting. We would love to have representation from members from the many colleges & universities in the Rochester area. We will also work on planning our first social event, and will discuss hosting the ACS Program-In-A-Box on Feb. 25th at 6:45pm. If you are interested in participating in the Program-in-a-box (about the Future of Food) but cannot attend the Feb. 4th meeting, please contact Elana Stennett ( for more information.

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