Announcing the 2019 Roc Sci-Tech Symposium

The Rochester local section of the American Chemical Society is hosting its annual Roc Sci-Tech symposium featuring speakers from Rochester-based industries. Come learn about local companies, career opportunities, and gain an opportunity to network with industrial scientists. Topics will include: materials chemistry, analytical/bio-organic chemistry, optics, X-ray technology, and patent law!

Promote this event at your campus or workplace with this convenient flyer.

We are thankful to the following sponsors of the Roc Sci-Tech Symposium:

The Symposium will be taking place at the RIT University Gallery on Sunday, October 27 from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided! RSVP by October 17th !
Are you a student who wants to network and present your research to local industry? Sign up to present a poster!

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