Council Corner Report from ACS Meeting in San Diego

The attached report provides a detailed account of the Council meetings attended by our Councilors, Richard and Steve. The report includes election results, resolutions, council actions, a report of San Diego meeting attendance and various other information on business conducted by the Council.

Council Corner – 09/05/2019

Important national ACS election information

The ACS national election will run from September 30th through October 25th.

In this year’s election, all ACS members will be asked to vote on a major petition to move many of the specifics out of the ACS bylaws into a workbook whereas the ACS, in the future, will be more agile and it will take less time to make meaningful and needed changes.

We urge all Rochester members to vote in this year’s election – and vote for this petition.

Steve and I would love to hear from our members if you have any questions about the items we will be voting on, or if you have any opinions on how you would like us to vote. We are on the Council to represent YOU and to serve YOU.

Steve and I believe it is important for you to know what your Councilors are doing and for us to pass interesting information you on to our fellow Members. We are always reminded that it is an honor that you have selected us to serve in these roles.

D. Richard Cobb

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