Announcement for the 2019 Recognition Dinner

The 2019 Rochester ACS Annual Recognition Dinner will be held Tuesday, October 15. Join us at the Brook House Restaurant to recognize the accomplishments of our local section members and 50-, 60-, and 70-year ACS members. The night will include dinner, award presentations and keynote lecture.

Recognition & Awards

50-Year Members: Dr. Eugene Arthur Armour, Dr. S. Krishnamurthy, Dr. Thomas Woods Smith, Ms. Judith Cholewa Stewart and Dr. Michael Robert Walczak

60-Year Members: Dr. Ronald E. Bambury and Dr. Roy Lynn Orvis

70-Year Members: Dr. Norman Allentoff, Mr. Victor O. Stead and Dr. Joseph Samuel Yudelson

2019 High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Joanne Iovoli, Wheatland Chili

2019 ACS Fellows from the Rochester Section: Dr. Mark P. Heitz

More awards to be announced in the coming weeks!

Keynote Lecture

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Richard Eisenberg, Tracy Harris Professor Emeritus and Professor of Chemistry at the University of Rochester. His talk is titled; Going Forward and Looking Back: One Chemist’s Take.

Abstract: Basic science lies at the foundation of meeting many of tomorrow’s technological challenges including energy for a sustainable future. Both light-to-chemical energy conversion and renewable energy storage represent subjects in which significant effort and notable accomplishments have been made. Activities from the Eisenberg laboratory and elsewhere will be discussed with regard to developing new artificial photosynthetic systems based on water splitting. These studies involve new light absorbers and catalysts, and provide clues to different steps in the energy conversion process, as well as sources of system instability. Great challenges exist in how to connect these and related scientific discoveries in renewable energy storage to technology and implementation. How to facilitate this process is essential as the timetable for extensive decarbonization grows shorter. The speaker will also look back at more than 50 years of active research, and as an editor, will discuss changes in how the story of chemistry is told.

Order of Events

Cash bar at 5:30 PM
Buffet dinner at 6:15 PM
Award Presentation at 7:15 PM
Keynote Lecture at 7:45 PM


ACS members or guest of member: $36.00
Non-members: $40.00
Tickets may be purchased through Eventbrite.

For questions or dietary needs, please contact Maryann Mendel

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