Announcing the September 2019 Chem in Emerging Tech Lecture

The next Chemistry in Emerging Technologies Lecture is Monday, September 23, 2019 at 7:00 PM

Where: Nazareth College – Peckham Hall, Room 10, 4245 East Ave., Pittsford. Map below

Who: Dr. William Grande, CTO & VP, Micropen Technologies Corp.

Dr. Grande will be talking to us about Direct Capillary printing at 7:00PM followed by a reception in the Peckham Hall Lobby at 8:15PM.

Abstract: Direct Capillary Printing (DCP) is a fabrication methodology where flowable materials are selectively and directly patterned onto a surface according to a digitized tool path. Unlike competitive technologies such as contact and screen printing, inkjet dispensing, and appliqué techniques, DCP offers device designers extremely broad latitude in selecting materials, specifying layer thicknesses, and utilizing substrates with widely varying properties of flexibility, irregularity, and three-dimensionality. This talk will highlight Micropen Technologies’ nearly four decades of developing and utilizing DCP as a commercially successful manufacturing tool, particularly in the passive electronic component, medical device, and instrumentation markets.

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