July 2019 – Council Corner Report

Hello fellow Rochester Local Section members!

As summer nears an end, we are preparing for the second ACS National Meeting of the year. This year’s fall meeting will run from August 25th to 29th and will be in San Diego, California. My own meeting will last a bit longer than usual as the International Activities Committee (IAC), one of the two ACS National Committees I am a liaison to from the Committee on Committees, is holding a Strategic Planning event leading up to the National Meeting.

I like to use this report to our membership to let you know of any items your Councilors will be voting on so that you can let us know your thoughts before we cast our votes.

As with each fall meeting, the Council will be electing members to the three (3) ACS Elected Committees. Those Committees, and the candidates for each Committee, are:

  • COUNCIL POLICY COMMITTEE (CPC) – Five members will be elected
    George M Bodner, James C. Carver, Dee Ann Casteel, Kenneth P. Fivizzani, Anne M. Gaffney, Joseph A. Heppert, Lydia E. M. Hines, Will E. Lynch, Sally B. Peters and Margaret J. Schooler
  • COMMITTEE ON COMMITTEES (ConC) – Five members will be elected
    Satinder Ahuja, Lisa M. Balbes, D. Richard Cobb, Harry J. Elston, Emilio X. Esposito, Sarah M. Mullins, Jason E. Ritchie. Susan M. Schelble, Andrea B. Twiss-Brooks and Stephanie J. Watson
  • NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS COMMITTEE (N&E) – Five members will be elected
    V. Dean Adams, Mark A. Benvenuto, Michelle V. Buchanan, Charles E. Cannon, Alan B. Cooper, Alan M. Ehrlich, Alan A. Hazari, Amber S. Hinkle, Thomas H. Lane and Joseph P. Stoner

The Council will also be asked to vote on the following issues:

  • Realignment of the ACS electoral district wherein the Pittsburgh Local Section would be moved from District II to District III. The ACS Committee on Nominations and Elections is responsible for the annual review of the member population distribution within the six (6) ACS electoral districts to ensure that the districts have equitable representation. Membership figures as of 12-31-2018 showed that the membership of District III was below the permissible minimum.
  • The Council will also be asked to approve “The Chemical Professional’s Code of Conduct”.
  • Finally, the Council will be asked to approve the establishment of an ACS International Chapter in the Country of Georgia.

As noted before, both Steve Tajc and I would love to hear from our members if you have any questions about the items we will be voting on, or if you have any opinions on how you would like us to vote. We are on the Council to represent YOU; to serve YOU.

Steve and I believe it is important for you to know what your Councilors are doing and for us to pass interesting information you on to our fellow Members.

Feel free to contact me at DCOBB4@rochester.rr.com or Steve at stajc3@naz.edu with any input, ideas or questions.

D. Richard Cobb

Council Corner – 07/22/2019

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